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pencilTreasure Hunt: Elements of a Story

This treasure hunt will help give you an introduction to the elements of a story! Follow the links to web pages that will help you find the answers to the questions that follow. Let's begin...

Academy of the Arts
What is something you should include in the opening of the story? the body of the story? the conclusion? throughout the story?

Writing Your Story: Tips on How to Write Children's Stories
Define: theme, plot, story structure, characters, setting, style and tone.

WayCross web site
Look at the parts of a story that are listed on this web page. What is a question that you could ask yourself for each of these parts that would help to develop the part?

PSSA Classroom Connections
According to this web page, what are the 8 parts of a general story map?


The first element of a story that we will be looking at in depth will be setting. The following questions and links deal with setting.

Elements of Literature
What does the setting of a story communicate to the reader?

The Eclectics' web site
Read this page on setting. What is something that you learned that would help you develop the setting of a story?

Creating a Vivid Setting
What are some of the ways to make the setting of your story more vivid?

PageWise web site
According to this web page, what are the three reasons that setting is important?

Literature: What Makes a Good Short Story?
Read the first paragraph on this page. What is the setting of this scene? What clues did you use to determine this?


Now let's see what you know!!

Quia Quiz
Now that you have learned some things about the elements of a story, let's test your knowledge! Go to this quiz, and answer questions 2,4,5,6, and 10. You may try the other questions if you like, but we have not specifically learned about this information yet.


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