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By: Sarah Harvey & Serena Horsager

Working Title: El Recorrido de Mexixo (A Tour of Mexico)
Genre: Drama Non-Fiction Documentary
Producers: Created by students
Situation: The Spanish teachers want to put together a multicultural fair in which students will give presentations on the various countries that speak Spanish as a primary language.
Approximate length: 90-120 seconds

The primary audience for our video titled, El Recorrido de Mexico, will be high school students that are attending the multicultural fair. The students will most likely be Spanish students that are not presenting at the fair. Tenth grade Spanish students will be the people creating the presentations and putting on the multicultural fair. Other people that may be a part of our audience include social studies students who are studying Latin America, Mexico, or Spain. Parents or community members may also attend.

The purpose of this video will be to educate people about the culture of Mexico. Our video will incorporate a map of Mexico, a picture of the flag, facts about the geography and history of Mexico, and pictures that represent different cultural aspects of Mexico. We will also have some Mexican music playing in the background, and we will use sound effects as appropriate. A video clip will be incorporated into our video that shows a cultural aspect of Mexico.

El Recorrido de Mexico will open with the Fair Use Statement scrolling up from the bottom of the screen. This will be white lettering on a black screen. This screen will dissolve into the next screen, which will show the title of our movie, El Recorrido de Mexico, along with the producers' names: Sarah Harvey and Serena Horsager. The content of our video will begin after these introductory scenes.

Scene Sequence 1 will start by showing a map of Mexico. The capital and other important cities will be labeled on the map. There will be Mexican folk music playing while the map is on the screen. This will fade into the next scene.

Scene Sequence 2 will display a graphic of the Mexican flag. While this is on the screen, the narrator will explain the history behind the flag. This history explains how the Aztecs received a message from their god. The god said that the place they should construct their new capital will have an eagle sitting on a cactus with a snake in its beak. This will dissolve into the next scene.

Scene Sequence 3 will open with a picture of Mexico and the title "Geography." This sequence will go through a series of photographs of Mexico that relate to the geographical facts. While each picture is displayed, the narrator will describe different geographical facts. Some of the topics discussed include mountains, regions, climate, area, and the border between Mexico and the United States. Each picture will cut into the next picture. There will be quiet outdoor sound effects behind the narrator's voice. The last picture of this sequence will then fade into the next scene sequence.

Scene Sequence 4 will open with a title screen saying "History of Mexico." This will cut into a series of photographs. The narrator will discuss a variety of historical facts regarding such topics as conquests, wars of independence, and current problems found in Mexico today. This will dissolve into the last scene sequence.

Scene Sequence 5 will contain information relating to the Mexican culture. There will be several photographs of various Mexican things or places. Each photo will also have text to accompany it, or it will have narration describing what is in the picture. There will also be a video in this scene sequence that relates to an aspect of Mexican culture. There will also be music playing in the background of this scene sequence.

The production ends with a fade to the end credits, reference list, and eventually a black screen.


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Sarah Harvey
EDMT 380-001
Fall 2004

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